A few months back we spoke with Rich Lambert, Creative Director on The Elder Scrolls Online about the Dark Heart of Skyrim year of storylines currently taking place in the game. This week the latest dungeon DLC is added into the game, and Bethesda offered us a chat with Mike Finnigan, the Lead Encounter Designer.

Finnigan has been on the team a long time but just recently took charge of all things 'encounters'. So we talk about blending story with core gameplay and the way these ideas flow back and forth and around the team, and delve into lots of other ideas around inspiration, about when to keep things comfortably similar to previous content and when to push new boundaries, and lots more.

As I said, the two new dungeons, Castle Thorn and Stone Garden, are now in ESO and there's also the usual badass trailer for the new content you can check out too.

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