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Projectors get smart and simple: Checking out the new Hisense laser projector range shows just how much easier owning a projector gets these days. With two short throw options, PX2-Pro and PL1H, to suit subtle differences in needs plus a long range option, the C1, the way they run and the features they offer make for a fast trip from unboxing to watching whatever you want.

Crispy colours, Dolby Atmos (both pictures and audio), Game Modes for gamers, and full smart TV features so all your streaming apps are built in and you can be having a good time without plugging any other devices into this one (but of course you can if you want to)? It's a good time to explore projection if it's never been on your radar before.


Long-awaited Sonos headphones arrive in June

The multiroom speaker specialists have finally announced the one thing missing from the line up: headphones to Sonos everywhere you go.

Australian fashion designer Pip Edwards wears white Sonos Ace headphones standing by a house door looking ready to g

6TB portable drives are now a thing: Western Digital just bumped its 2.5-inch drives up to a new record 6TB storage. Just wild how much fits into such a small package now. This is popping up across their portable drive range now, fro My Passport to game drives to G-DRIVE rugged options. A WD My Passport 6TB drive is just $299. They'll also have the WD_BLACK drive for adding 6TB of storage to game consoles. It's TBC on pricing.


The copper colour option in the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 earbud range is stunning! Sennheiser does these earbuds really well at this point, with full adaptive noise cancelling using a six-microphone array that also delivers excellent voice pick up for calls. The tech is solid, the battery life is great, and I'm just loving that copper colour. Yum. ($499)


I've used Withings smart scales for many years now, and it's been great for my personal health management. The latest and greatest Body Scan scale costs $799, but it includes a new electrocardiogram bar you lift up to get far more detail on your health status than ever. If this seems too much, there's lots of cheaper options from Withings that still deliver the fundamentals of sending your data direct to online tracking services.


Google Pixel 8a review: full featured AI power for everyone

The Pixel 8a can go toe-to-toe with the Pixel Pro as well as the best from Samsung and Apple. Google's AI software might now push its hardware into the lead for most users.

The black handset sits on a grey textured and patterned rug.

Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro with DockKit is next level hands free video utility

Belkin just dropped the most versatile auto tracking system for iPhones ever to hit the market. Simple, instant, and works the way you want it to.

Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro with DockKit is next level hands free video utility

Elder Scrolls Online is celebrating 10 years in 2024, and in May you can snag an absolutely stunning house for free as part of their daily login rewards. It'll take just three days of logins to get it and it includes everything you see in this picture and more – there's a whole underground cavern hidden away here too. Even if you don't play often, scoring Sword Swinger's Redoubt will make you feel like royalty whenever you visit again.


The big 2024 iPad line up refresh is here

Apple drops the M4 processor into iPad Pro before anything else, plus an all-new Apple Pencil, new iPad Air, and a price drop on the base iPad. A big day for the tablet.

Promo image of the new iPad Pro on a white background

Is the 'a' for AI now? Google has revealed the Pixel 8a today and the big push is on the role of AI in our devices. Given the a series for Pixel typically offers a lot of the benefits of the fancier models at a better price, this year there's a firm focus on how big a role Google's Gemini AI will play in your photos, videos, and generally getting things done.

Nice wins include getting the same G3 chip here that you get in the Pixel 8 Pro, and a promise of seven years of feature and security updates. That's 2030! Starts from $849 and pre-orders are now open for May 14 release.

Stylish person holds a black Pixel 8a phone

If you're unsure whether this footage from POOLS is relaxing or horrifying, join the club. Liminal spaces are a game genre now.


Last year Xbox had some fun with controller shaped BBQ Shapes largely for media promo purposes, but enough people wanted it that they're hitting stores. The word is they'll be appearing at Coles stores so check the savoury snacks aisle to get your hands on a pack. "From early May until sold out." Good luck.


You're probably starting to see Qi2 getting a mention out there in wireless charger land. Just remember Apple has shared its MagSafe tech with the Qi standard so that everyone can start to get the integrated magnetic locking system on their devices. It's a win for car mounts and desk chargers of all stripes.


Smart lighting is getting smarter, thankfully, but the new Nanoleaf outdoor string lights show it's also getting prettier. This will launch in both 15M and 30M lengths in June, and they are 'addressable' which means you can build colour settings across all the bulbs in the string. RRP is $199/$329.

Outdoor seating area with multi coloured string lights hanging above.
Pretty deck lights are pretty.

Rode offers new tools for mobile AV creators

Rode launched one new field microphone and two new mobile accessories to give plenty for on the go creators to work with.

Women holds iPhone with Magnetic Mount and a microphone attached
Art & Culture

A New Journey awaits: Dark Spectrum was an absolute breakout hit of last year's Vivid Sydney Festival. Using a series of underground tunnels around Wynyard station it created an amazing light and sound show that blew our family away.

So it's wonderful to hear a whole new design is coming in 2024. I'd have visited the very same event if it didn't change this year, but something new? Can't wait. It will run from 24 May to 15 June. Hit the Dark Spectrum: A New Journey website for tickets.

A rendering of a new Dark Spectrum room called 'Radiate' with yellow lanterns hanging everywhere

Eat the grass: I missed this when it launched last year, but wanted to pay respect to the great name for a robot mower – the Goat. The Ecovacs Goat G1 does away with the need for wire boundaries and instead uses beacons to track lawn edges and promises a traditional neat lawn cutting motion instead of randomly driving around all day and hoping it eventually cuts everything. Plus nice bonuses like remote camera access. RRP is $2,999 with specials dropping it closer to $2,500 now and then.

The robot lawn mower on a lush lawn near the edge of a cement path

Paleblue lets you keep traditional batteries charged on the go

Just when you thought traditional batteries were dead, here comes Paleblue with a full range of classic cells that recharge over USB.

Four AA batteries being charged on USB via a laptop USB port.

ROG Phone 8: It often feels like phones have become a two horse race, maybe three. So I love it when things like the Asus ROG brand keeps delivering phones for a precise market. The gamer focused handset has a beefy 2500-nit brightness and a superfast 720Hz touch sampling rate.

Three ROG Phone 8 Series devices standing tall

It's not messing around on specs and not messing around on price either. Starting from $1,799 all the way up to $2,499. Check it out at JB Hi-Fi or the Asus store.


MacBook Air gets M3 boost: Apple has dropped the M3 update for MacBook Air today across both 13-inch and 15-inch models. Along with some speed bumps, the big win for power users is that the M3 models offer support for two external monitors when the lid is closed, which is sometimes the one reason some folks feel like they 'must' go for a Pro. M3 models also get a Wi-Fi 6E upgrade. M3 models start from $1,799.

M2 MacBook Air options remain available in the range and now start from $1,599.