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Content Services

Looking for content production support from a team with decades of editorial expertise? Come talk to Byteside.

Our philosophy

We work to produce interesting, insightful, and effective content.
We don’t write words designed purely for search engines.
We write to help humans understand why something matters.
Even the most hardcore ICT pros are human.
Content is most compelling written with real readers in mind.

Premium content for humans

Byteside is led by Seamus Byrne, an award-winning technology journalist and editor with over two decades of experience in editorial, broadcasting, and commercial content production.

We come to our work with expertise developed by working across Australia's biggest mastheads and digital outlets. From ABC to CNET, Gizmodo to Nine newspapers.

Our team has produced brand content for top technology clients across the globe, as a direct service studio and as an expert input to other digital agencies.

Clients served include:

  • Telstra
  • Arup
  • Cognizant
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Okta
  • Stripe

And many more.

What we do

We do words. Lots of words. Words organised in a range of formats.We leave the design work to others because we’re focused on being really good at the words.

That’s how we ensure we provide the best service we can to media publishers, communications agencies, and direct clients.

Thought leadership
Ghost writing for executives and SMEs is a speciality. We conduct interviews or take existing materials to write articles that represent their expert perspectives.
Case studies & whitepapers
Conducting journalistic interviews with your internal staff and clients we produce case studies and whitepapers matched to your exact brand guidelines.
All purpose articles
Whether to run on your owned channel sites or to be placed on third-party media properties, we can research and write expert content that meets your needs.

Need fresh content?

We always tailor our work to the needs of the client. Contact Byteside today to find out more.