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Fitness+ in Kaldheim

An all-new, all-different podcast as Alice and Chris join Seamus, with Apple's Fitness+ and Magic's Kaldheim in the spotlight.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
Fitness+ in Kaldheim

An all-new, all-different Byteside as Alice and Chris join Seamus for the start of a new era.

This week all three have spent time with Apple's Fitness+ service during the summer, so all have opinions to share on the value of having fitnesses classes on tap through your Apple Watch. What's good? What could be better? And will they stick with it?

And Magic The Gathering's new expansion, Kaldheim, has been bringing the Norse mythological noise to the game. Alice and Seamus have been playing it a chunk so how are they feeling? This is less an analysis of expert strats and more about style and art and the vibe of the new fun on offer.

Plus Batwoman, JRPGs and Hearthstone all get a mention in this weeks wins and fails.

Listen here, or get it in your fave podcast apps.

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