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Maybe fibre is better?

We delve into pre-order shenanigans, Xbox buying Bethesda, the NBN fibre renaissance, and the re-release of HeroQuest.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
Maybe fibre is better?

Turns out it's still hard to pre-order a game console when online stores fall apart. We check in on whether Nic or Shay decided to pre-order anything or wait it out post-launch.

This slides into the whole Microsoft buying ZeniMax Media thing and all the studios that brings, and whether this leads us down a path of more or less platform exclusive games in future.

And then, as the news keeps developing in real-time, we discuss the decision to expand the NBN to giving more people fibre to the home. How could they have known people might eventually want faster broadband?

Get your HeroQuest here:

Watch the classic HeroQuest YouTube video here:

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