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Asus offers the smartest new laptop screens around at CES

Between the ZenScreen Fold portable display and the ZenBook DUO dual-screen laptop, Asus is exploring new possibilities in screen design.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
2 min read
Asus offers the smartest new laptop screens around at CES
Asus ZenBook DUO (2024)

One of my favourite launches at this year's CES was the laptop range from Asus. Always a strong innovator willing to test interesting design concepts, there were two products in particular that caught my eye. Both speak to playing with portable and foldable screens that offer a long list of layouts and use cases that make them super versatile.

ZenScreen Fold

Use it as two 12.5-inch 1080p screens, or one 17.3-inch 2560x1920 screen. Landscape or panorama, with a stand option to make it work as a triple screen setup for your laptop.

ZenScreen Fold OLED can be used in a bunch of clever formats.

There's so many ways to use it – check out the official ZenScreen Fold page to learn all its tricks. It's perfectly happy being a stand alone portable screen for game consoles, cameras, or whatever else you need to hook up and use.

ZenBook DUO (2024)

Asus has been playing with similar designs in the past, and this latest ZenBook DUO does the best job yet of maintaining a sleek laptop for compact use and then easily switch up to dual screen modes in a range of layouts.

Thankfully, Asus offers up this graphic to show all the ways it can be used instead of making me describe them. Check it out.

An infographic of all the ZenBook Duo technical details.
The ZenBook DUO is seriously versatile thanks to that double screen.

Laptops have a lot of competition from tablets and phones these days. Both the ZenScreen Fold and the ZenBook DUO add so much versatility – which is exactly where laptops shine above other device formats.

As is the CES way, these will all launch later in 2024.


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