We don't often do shout outs about hot tech deals, but the HyperX 'end of financial year' prices look really good if you're after some new gaming peripherals. This feels like the mullet of sales excuses. Business at the front, (gaming) party out the back.

Prices include a 55% discount on HyperX Alloy Origins keyboards, down to $104, and 50% off the HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headset making it $145.

The deals are all at JB Hi-Fi.

HyperX has always done a good job of giving great value for excellent quality hardware. So seeing some of these prices feels like a steal. That Cloud Flight wireless headset a particularly excellent standout!

On a related note, Kingston, the former owner of HyperX, has launched the new name for its gaming focused memory chips for PC hardware – look for the Fury brand if you liked HyperX components in your PC builds.

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