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You'll fly in Shadowlands and ride your fave mounts in The Maw very soon

Your favourite horses, vehicles, bees and gorms will heed your call in The Maw in patch 9.1, and flying will unlock via Covenant advancement.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
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You'll fly in Shadowlands and ride your fave mounts in The Maw very soon

Flying confirmed! No Pathfinder required! Shadowlands next big expansion, Chains of Domination, will give us both our full selection of mounts to ride in The Maw and the ability to finish unlocking flying in Covenant zones through our continued advancement with our Convenant storylines.

During BlizzConline's Shadowlands update we learned many details we've been waiting for, including that we will deal with Sylvanas Windrunner as the final boss of the next raid of the expansion. But for day-to-day quality of life, flying is the news many were waiting for.

The flying unlock has been stipulated as a direct association with your ongoing Renown journey with your Covenant, so keep doing those weekly tasks to keep up the Renown progression and you'll have your flight as soon as it's available.

Eagle-eyed observers will note I was careful to separate the flying from the riding our mounts in The Maw. Yes, we will still be on the ground in our adventures in The Maw (and let's be fair, it's meant to be dangerous wherever we go). But if you're like me and hit your mount shortcut every 30 seconds when you forget you can't call them there, it'll be nice to finally have your mount remember who's boss.

Flight will be available across Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald and Revendreth (no Oribos... but where exactly are you flying there anyway? You can hardly even mount all that often...)

While we're talking mounts, we've also seen a wealth of cool new mounts set to be obtainable during 9.1 with a Maw flavour, from undead horses to rideable animated gauntlets that just look utterly amazing and I need one of those yesterday. These mounts will be in the new extended area of The Maw, Korthia, that is chained to the orignal area we already know and dread.

Plus as you see in the image, there's also a cute little gauntlet pet to chase you around while you ride its big vicious sister on your travels.

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