Have you been paying for Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Arcade and other Apple services one at a time like a medieval peasant? Haven't we all. Well now Apple is ready to bring it all together under a single service plan to make it easier and, depending on what you use, make it cheaper too.

Apple One is the name of the new unified bundle, which gives:

  • Apple Music
  • Apple TV+
  • Apple Arcade
  • iCloud storage

As standard at all tiers, and then:

  • Apple News+
  • Apple Fitness+

At the Premium tier, if these services are available where you live (in Australia, they are).

The entry tier costs $19.95/month and is just for a single user with 50GB of iCloud storage. Apple says this deal will save $9.50/month over buying the services one-by-one.

The Family tier is $25.95/month, which is shareable with up to six people in a family group and gives 200GB of iCloud storage. The saving here is $12.50.

The über Premium tier is $39.95/month, still shareable with six family members, and it hits 2TB iCloud as well as the Fitness+ and News+ services it brings the saving to $39/month, which is pretty solid if you do plan on using all those features.

If you missed it, Fitness+ was revealed as part of the Apple Watch announcement at today's event.

Those tiers again:

  • Individual: $15.95/month
  • Family: $25.95/month
  • Premium: $39.95/month

In our house right now we pay $15/month for 2TB iCloud and $8/month for Apple Arcade. We also pay for Spotify's family plan, but a shift to Apple One Premium would be an instant saving if we switched music services as well. And being eager to try Fitness+, I can see this becoming an easy win if that service feels good to use on a regular basis.

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