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Jony Has Left The Building

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
3 min read
Jony Has Left The Building

Jony Ive has left the building. Wow. I’m one of the true believers in the Lennon-McCartney dynamic of Steve Jobs and Jony Ive. Steve Jobs was a true design champion, and knew how to give someone as gifted as Ive the space and the constraints to do his best work. When Jobs passed, Ive had the tools to continue to be a design leader, but he also showed signs of weakness - particularly around software UI and UX.

The biggest problem with the departure of Ive is that the company is restructuring rather than replacing him. Design now reports to Operations. There’s a gap in the idea of who, in a very specific sense, is driving design at Apple. And Apple has always been a design led company.

I’d figured he had proteges there, and many great designers would have wanted to be part of his team. There’s been rumours of his desire to leave for a few years now, so I’d have thought a succession plan may have been underway. But the changes suggest this is the true end of an era for Apple.

I’m sure there’s a roadmap for the next couple of years of new hardware. How things evolve beyond there will be very interesting to watch.


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