Luke Lancaster, Content Manager at ReedPop (ComicCon, PAX Aus) is our awesome guest host this week, along with a Seamus having a very bad microphone day.

Dazar’alor and the amazing race to world first; Mekkatorque has a stunning mount drop; Year of the Pig is everywhere; Hakkar wants to infect you with a cardback; Heroes community esports is heating up; Starcraft vs DeepMind was not a fair fight; and Overwatch patches and OWL All-Access fun!

Find Luke via: @lglancaster on Twitter

Find Seamus via: @seamus on Twitter

Here’s some links mentioned in the show.

Method kills Jaina

Method’s Jaina kill reaction video is everything:

Mekkatorque mount drop (Farm this mount until forever please)

The Corrupted Blood incident on Wikipedia

Ars analysed the Starcraft vs AlphaStar situation

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