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Your amazing dystopian flying family drone

New NBN, TIO complaints, Ring's household flying drone, Shazam for plants, Nvidia dramas, esports and Diablo. A lot in this episode!

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
Your amazing dystopian flying family drone

Hand on heart, this is the loosest show yet and we humbly apologise. Very 'two white guys doing a podcast' loose. You're warned. But we do talk a lot about tech!

This week, Seamus and Nic talk more about the new NBN plans, and a surge in TIO complaints with ISPs disappearing call centres causing major distress.

Then there's everything from the new Ring drone, a Shazam for plants app, plus the dramas around the new Nvidia 30 series graphics cards.

All that and a big shout out to Legacy Esports and its outstanding efforts at League of Legends World Championships, and Nic heading back to Diablo for some mindless demonic destruction.

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