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The state of the boardgame scene in 2019

How's the boardgame scene been going over the past few years? We explore some of the great games out there, as well as the sites and events to keep up with all the latest.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
The state of the boardgame scene in 2019

This week on The Game Table we catch up with Nathan Cocks, ex-videogames journo turned boardgame junkie, as he brings us up to speed on the health of the boardgame industry over the past few years.

Nathan brings around 20 suggestions for great games you could hunt down that you may not have heard of – avoiding the obvious stuff like Catan and Ticket To Ride, digging into the deeper stuff out there that is amazing fun for all sorts of different kinds of experiences.

Plus we drop a few tips on sites and Australian events to help you dive deeper into the boardgame scene.

Click through to see links to many of the boardgames mentioned during the show!

Stay tuned for Nathan's new site: Flying Solo Games (and Twitter)

Find Nathan on Twitter: @ElPrezAU

Find Seamus on Twitter: @seamus

PAX Australia

Shut Up & Sit Down
Dice Tower

Nathan’s hot tips:
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Resistance (Avalon)
Mafia de Cuba
Just One
Escape Plan
The Gallerist
Die Macher
Fireball Island
Lords of Vegas
Ice Cool / Ice Cool 2
Cthulhu: Death May Die
Blood Rage
Carnival Zombie (and 2nd Edition)
Middara: Act 1
Ganz Schön (Pretty Clever)

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