Engineering for a clean future

Rosie Barnes from the YouTube channel Engineering With Rosie drops by to share her knowledge on all things clean energy and community building.

Engineering for a clean future

YouTube can be a great place to find a community of like-minded people with shared interests. That's certainly been the case for Rosie Barnes, a mechanical engineer working in wind farm and clean energy technology.

During the pandemic, Rosie founded the Engineering With Rosie YouTube channel to share her knowledge and help people better understand what a clean energy future looks like. Nearly 50,000 subscribers later, she's also learned plenty along the way.

Rosie joins Seamus on the Byteside podcast to discuss her career, building a community, and the unique skills required to communicate niche knowledge online. Not to mention the challenges of navigating a male-dominated field!

You can check out the highly informative chat via your favourite podcast platform, including a video version on YouTube.

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