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Paying attention to how we use our time and how we feel about our daily routines is a big part of making choices we’ll later reflect on in a more positive way.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
3 min read

HP sent out an interesting little ‘digital mindfulness’ widget / experience / thing this week, called REFLCT*. It’s a few moments of time to think about your previous day and the way you felt about your time spent with digital spaces.

It’s a trivial little thing, but after going through the process and parking my cynicism it was a reminder that paying attention to how we use our time and how we feel about our daily routines is a big part of making choices we’ll later reflect on in a more positive way.

We also had a school Zoom event this week with a child psychology expert discussing teens and screens, and it was a far better session than many of that ilk – there were no easy answers offered, just some ideas around how we need to think about the complex world we now live in. Some parents in chat were asking for more specific guidance, advice and app recommendations to help, which was a valid thought, but the biggest takeaway for most should hopefully have been… to pay attention. To talk. To listen. To reflect. And to respect how our kids feel about the digital world and its place in their lives. Especially if they feel very differently about it to us.

Anyway. Pause. Think. Apply those thoughts to how you spend the rest of your day, and your tomorrow. Rinse. Repeat.

*Not to be confused with RFLCT, the skincare product announced by streamer Valkyrae that claimed to protect us from blue light, before it was immediately deleted from existence after the backlash.

HP REFLCT - Discover your digital self

An interesting little thing. It won’t change your life, but we could all probably take a moment to think about how we are spending our digital time.

The music is really nice and I’ve had it in a browser background window for a little while now.

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