Game audio – pretty much all creative audio that isn't music – is often deeply under appreciated, so any day we get to see the hard work behind the scenes to make audio sound as natural and 'correct' as possible is a great day indeed.

In this video the Forza Horizon 5 team shares some of the behind the scenes work to capture various car sound effects to use in the game.

I love seeing the crossed arrays of microphones strapped to the boot of these cars as they hoon up and down a big patch of old bitumen, as well as while they do some circle work. Gotta catch all the sounds for all the things we'll do way too often in the game.

Same goes for those microphones standing nearby as the cars drive past. Getting that just right sound for the doppler shift as a car drives past is maybe even more important than just getting the sound straight out of the exhaust.

I was already excited for Forza Horizon 5. Now you make that even moreso.

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