A new Deep Dive experience has launched in Dubai that looks completely incredible, while managing to construct an underwater world that looks like something from the cutting room floor of Waterworld.

The pool runs 60 metres deep – better check if your watch is rated for that kind of punishment – and has all kinds of weird rooms and objects and details to explore. Check out the trailer:

As someone who is happy to admit being petrified of deep water oceans because who knows what's lurking beneath this looks like my kind of scuba experience. And it is indeed pitched as available for training and development of SCUBA skills as well as letting certified divers go exploring as they please.

It's been designed more like a movie set than just some 'big swimming pool'. I don't doubt it's probably already got some bookings from producers to shoot there.

Seeing weird details like phone booths and chess boards and giant root systems of trees makes it seem like you really could just explore for hours. And with the whole thing controlled at 30 degrees it sounds like it's designed for a luxury time under the fake sea.

No prices are listed yet, but sessions are blocked in one hour sessions. I imagine that will likely leave you feeling like you need to go back to finish exploring. Which I guess is a good sign they've made something really cool?

If I'm ever allowed to fly to other places again, this feels like a great idea for a Dubai pit stop. Climb the heights of the tallest building in the world and then dive the deepest pool? Sounds fun.

The Deep Dive FAQ even mentions you should NOT visit the top of the Burj Khalifa after a dive, but you can do it the other way around. And to not do a dive here less with less than 24 hours before your exit flight – no quick dives while in transit! You've been warned.

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