This weekend is the latest iteration of the D&D Live event. And once again it happens under online broadcast conditions, but there's a LOT of fun on the schedule.

There will be new announcements of D&D products, deeper dives on books announced earlier in the year (hello Wild Beyond the Witchlight), but the best fun of the weekend is the live play sessions featuring wonderfully weird gatherings of nerd-aligned celebrities for fun – and raising money for charity.

This year there are sessions lined up with comedy icons like Jack Black, Reggie Watts, Kevin Smith (and his famed sidekick Jason Mewes) and Patton Oswalt, wrestler Ember Moon (in an all wrestler session), streamer legends Dr Lupo, Nega Oryx, actors Deborah Ann Woll, Seth Green, and loads more.

For those in the US the event is streaming on Peacock and G4, but outside the US you can find it on D&D's Twitch and YouTube channels. It all starts at 3pm ET on Friday and Saturday, which for Australian viewers is 5:00am Sydney time. So get up early and relax all morning long until it wraps up around lunchtime both days. Perfect weekend fodder while we're dealing with lockdowns yet again...

Here's all the key details below, plus loads more info at the official event site.

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