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Of course you've been waiting for Facebook ads inside your VR, right?

Engagement vampire Facebook is ready to thrust floating ad units into your enraptured eyeballs inside the solitude of virtual reality.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
Of course you've been waiting for Facebook ads inside your VR, right?

Internet advertising machine Facebook is ready to turn the serenity and solitude of virtual reality into a new space to thrust floating advertising units into your enraptured eyeballs, with news it is starting to test advertising inside Oculus headsets.

Naturally, the company says it is a “small” test and is all about unlocking new business models for the platform and for the game developers who produce VR experiences.

I’m sure the advertising units won’t be too awful… at the start… Facebook also says it won’t use information from within your VR experience to target ads toward you.

Again… that’s a “during this test” statement, not a “never” statement.

Facebook is a business built on pushing deeply targeted ads into your deeply engaged eyeballs. What better place to send ads than into the most engaged, focused space of all – virtual reality!

I'll stick with my HTC Vive, thanks.


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