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NBN wants to make 'fair use' rules better than some vague handwaving

Maybe you're not actively trying to download the entire internet but you'd like to know what counts as "excessive"? NBN is working on it.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
NBN wants to make 'fair use' rules better than some vague handwaving

The National Broadband Network is quietly working on clarifications to the way 'fair use' rules are managed on the network.

Users are already subject to potential removal from the network for abusing 'unlimited' download limits, and some have been booted off their service providers for pushing the extreme limits of what's possible – like this freak and his 34TB of downloads "just because". But aside from clear cut cases like that one, the rules have always been managed under vague terms like "inappropriate and excessive" use.

According to iTnews, the new move aims to build clearer rules that focus on activities like unauthorised stress testing or volume testing. Something that applies real language and clear activity types that are just clearly unnecessary.

NBN is set to call for the industry to build a consensus on the rules for how to both identify and remedy such problems. It'll take some time, but it's good to see a process to clarify something as important as "we're kicking you off because you seem to be using your 'unlimited' internet like it's unlimited".


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