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Instagram is finally letting you post via the web from your desktop

All the better to upload that pristinely edited photo (or meme, or ad), Instagram has quietly opened the door to posts from your PC.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
Instagram is finally letting you post via the web from your desktop

It's not appearing for everyone yet (including us), but word is out that the '+' icon is starting to pop up on Instagram when you login via the website on desktop computers, finally opening the door to easy posting from your computer.

Yes, it isn't too many jumps to throw a carefully edited picture from your PC to your phone for posting, or to use clever app workarounds to get the job done anyway. Which is all the more reason why it's been so weird they've kept this barrier in place for so many years!

Reports also suggest that while this works on desktops, you still can't post from an iPad!

Now if they'd just let us say "show me the people I follow in chronological order" again we'd keep trying to pretend it isn't owned by Facebook.

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