Please, please check your PS5 games and make sure they’re actually for PS5.

PlayStation 5 owners are finding that some games are defaulting to the PlayStation 4 version, despite playing on a PS5 system and I was one of them.

When I first loaded up Borderlands 3 I played for about an hour. It looked very pretty but it wasn’t really feeling next-gen and I didn’t understand why given how next gen the PS5 can feel.

Heading back to the Borderlands 3 page on the PSN store revealed I could download the PS5 update (despite the game being a fresh download to my PS5).

Upon loading up the game again, the difference was immediately clear. Most notably was that all my guns suddenly used adaptive triggers. I was totally missing out on this quintessential PS5 experience without the patch, so it’s absolutely worth checking.

It looks like Borderlands 3 isn’t the only game, with Activision Support even giving details for how to check you’re running the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Users have reported similar issues with Ubisoft titles too, so better to check if you're unsure.

So if you have a PS5, do yourself a favour and just check that the games you’re running are the correct version. You’ll want to for all these games where you can really feel the next generation.

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