This week we've got highlights from a roundtable with Hearthstone Game Director Ben Lee and Game Designer John McIntyre, talking about the latest expansion Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, which lands next week (November 17). They talk new cards, new game modes, new progression systems, and also a lot of behind the scenes thinking.

How did they approach designing new iterations on the Old Gods? What went into getting the Yogg-Saron spinning wheel just right? And how are they evolving the business model through new ideas for welcoming new players or bringing back those who've taken a break?

The Hearthstone team has been doing a great job over the past year, with lots of really cool new ideas and evolutions on the game. This chat reveals a lot of the thinking behind how they've approached keeping the game fresh recently and in the year ahead.

And if you hadn't seen the announcement trailer – it is an amazing piece of work – check it out here:

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