Another podcast from our journey to Katowice, Poland, for Intel Extreme Masters, as Seamus caught up over a coffee with Erik Anderson, FaZe Clan's Head of Esports.

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This week we have another top tier conversation for you from my trip to IEM Katowice. I managed to grab some time over a coffee with Erik Anderson, the head of esports at FaZe Clan.

A super cool guy who has some really interesting perspectives on the esports scene given he came to this industry from the music scene. We explore some of his thoughts on how the two industries are alike, and maybe even get weird about what genre of music we’d put esports into.

FaZe is not your average esports org so we also try to unpack a little of what helped the clan build a distinct fanbase that has devotees right across the world.

Find Erik on Twitter: @budgetkeanu

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