This week on Jetpacks Are Overrated, a conversation about the state of passwords. From biometrics to two-factor authentication, there’s a lot of new tools in the mix that might lead some to feel like there will be a version of our future out there on the horizon where we can finally stop having to remember so many damn passwords!

This episode does NOT sell you such a promise, unfortunately, but it does take a close look at where we’re at with the whole idea of being authenticated online. And the good news is that while passwords are here to stay, we’ll get asked to type them in less and less often.

My chat today is with Alex Salazar, Vice President of Product Strategy at Okta, which is a company specialised in digital authentication. They help companies simplify logins by offering tools like single sign-on across a whole bunch of web services, or making it easier for companies to use their tools to improve how they let their users login, all that kind of thing.

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