Tabletop trophy hunters rejoice! For all those times you've taken out illithid nests, whether in the Forgotten Realms or maybe an old school Spelljammer campaign, you can now stick a mind flayer head on your wall to regale your guests with the tale of your defeated foe.

Of course – sorry to burst your bubble – it's not a real Illithid head. It's made of rubber and latex and is hand painted to give it the best not-fake vibes possible. And it just looks like a load of fun hanging in any games room. It's a couple of feet in size and made by WizKids, the company that sculpts all the officially licensed D&D miniatures, so they know what they're doing when it comes to the genre's style.

(Can you tell I'm setting up a home office and am thinking about how to put cool things in it?)

Just be careful not to stand directly under its noodly maw lest it suck on your head meat when you least suspect it. Can't be too careful with mind flayers.

The "Mind Flayer Trophy Plaque" is available via Amazon and it's more expensive than you'd hope, coming in at US$449.99 list price (I saw it running at discount prices too, so YMMV).

The same supplier also lists beholders and dragons,

Spotted via Technabob.

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