Echoing the grooves of a vinyl record alongside the ebonised ash wood base structure, this high-end turntable design is a stunner.

Audiowood has an amazing range of its own clever turntable designs, from the more traditional to other kinds of woods and minerals used as dazzling base materials to show just how seriously you take your old school music lust.

But some models seem to put the cleverness of the idea first and not necessarily refining the design to make the units really come together.

This special edition in conjunction with Uncrate, on the other hand, is a real standout. The sliced ash models direct from Audiowood stick to a more natural finish to the wood, but the idea of an ebonised and glossed finish really delivers extra punch.

It just echoes the vinyl that will sit up top so well, while still being a completely standout design piece when not in use.

Function and form in glorious union. If I wanted to go deep into the world of vinyl again, I'd be saving my pennies to find the US$2,500 for this amazing unit.

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