Social drives are a critical part of the human experience. Being able to comprehend these subtle cues and work with them, work around them and embrace them, could be part of the work that stays essentially human for a long time to come.

Here the co-author of Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future, Andrew McAfee, talks about how the skills required to not just work together, but to get the best out of a team of humans and motivate people based on their individual needs and desires is something that can't easily be programmed into a robot.

Note McAfee doesn't say these skills will never be automated. Rather, this is "some of the last human work" that is ever going to be automated.

Never say never, but while our society works out what to do while automation takes over more and more jobs, here's the jobs to focus on if you want to stay relevant through the next generation or two.

This sits right in line with the recent post about our Chief Scientist's focus on the 'human touch' as critical to the future of human work.

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