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Long-awaited Sonos headphones arrive in June

The multiroom speaker specialists have finally announced the one thing missing from the line up: headphones to Sonos everywhere you go.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
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Australian fashion designer Pip Edwards wears white Sonos Ace headphones standing by a house door looking ready to g
I never look that good wearing white headphones.

Sonos is ready to add the final piece to its audio puzzle, with its headphones arriving on June 5.

Sonos Ace is a full over ear headphone that promises all-day battery (and a 3 hour charge in 3 minutes) and active noise cancelling that includes an 'Aware' mode so you can hear the world around you when you need to know what's going on. You can also use Wear Detection to pause music automatically when you take them off instead of trying to find the pause button. Plus they're promising a big focus on comfort for all day wear.

The real Sonos advantage is the in-home experience. Sonos Ace is targeting features like easy takeover of your Sonos living room soundbar so your TV output goes direct to the headphones instead to watch with big sound without waking the family. Plus this also delivers a full Dolby Atmos experience that maps against the room so when you move your head the sound stays where it's meant to be.

I've also noted they're selling two pairs at a slight discount and pointing out you can both watch TV together with immersive sound, which is a feature I'm not sure you can get from other wireless headphones that can connect to a TV. So that's a big win for quiet listening with a friend.

Sonos also announced a Roam update, with the Roam 2 portable speaker offering 'easier controls and quicker setup'. And it says they're now doing 10 hours of continuous playback on one charge. There's also a new range of colours (orange, green, and blue arrive to hang out with the white and black) to have more fun on the move.

The Sonos Ace is listed at $699 and the Roam 2 is $299.


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