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Xbox adds vaporous new styles to its custom controller Design Lab

Electric, Fire, Cyber, Dream, Nocturnal, and Stormcloud. Can you guess which colour is which in the new Vapour style range on the Xbox Design Lab?

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
2 min read
Six controllers with six different new Vapour style finishes.
Xbox Design Lab's new Vapour finish - they're all gorgeous (Xbox)

Few gifts are as 'just right' as one specially designed for the recipient. So when Xbox brought its Xbox Design Lab to Australia in 2022 it was a perfect way to tell a friend – or most likely your wonderful self – how much you cared.

What's been particularly great with the Lab is how it has continued to up the game, adding not just new colours but also whole new finishes and aesthetics to give us plenty of reasons to go custom instead of buying off the rack.

We've seen Pride, Camo, and Shift colour options added to the Lab, and now Vapor has arrived. This is a particularly nice option, with a wash of colour and translucency that give a subtle but entirely extra finish to your controller.

My fave body styles? For a long time my top pick would be Astral Shift, but if I was buying today Stormcloud Vapour and Fire Vapour are very tempting.

And if you just have to have the coolest, there's a pre-order for this Dream Vapor Special Edition which adds purple rubberised side grips and soft pink ABXY buttons that you just can't get via the DIY Design Lab. Get it for $99.95.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Dream Vapor Special Edition | Xbox
Vaporise your competition with the Xbox Wireless Controller – Dream Vapor featuring a dynamic pink and purple colour swirl that’s unique to each controller.

It'll also get you a Dynamic Background for your console home screen to make everything matchy matchy in a good way.

Didn't we all just remember we forgot to buy ourselves something special last Christmas? Treat yourself!


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