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Sea of Thieves finds some chill for casual good times

Safer Seas aims to make Sea of Thieves more welcoming for beginners and laid-back veterans by excluding pesky human pirates from being a concern.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
A treasure chest on a beach with a ship in the distance on a sunny day.

Ever tried your hand at virtual sailing? Whether you're with a crew or going it solo, it gets pretty wild when you start trying to manage your sails and helm trying to get where you want to go.

Now add other players blowing you up while you're just trying to get the hang of things and it becomes the kind of game that is very easy to bounce off when it feels like it's all a little too much.

Rare has noticed an opportunity to make the game a bit friendlier for both new players keen to learn the ropes and for veterans who just want to relax with a few friends from time to time. Thus, Safer Seas is born.

Looks great that they're including a range of questing options within Safer Seas, so you can still go adventuring – just without the other human players to mess with whatever pace you want to sail at. That includes the recent Pirates of the Caribbean and Monkey Island adventures, which look like a lot of fun.

It's one of those times when you can honestly say "there's never been a better time" for new players to give Sea of Thieves a test drive. Remember, it's free on Xbox Game Pass. Easy money.


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