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Donate to cancer research and win prizes: do it now!

Give $50 to charity and win a prize worth the same or more? Yes! Help fight cancer through the gift of giving and get a gift of giving in return.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
Screenshot from the Great GameOnCancer Giveaway homepage
The Great GameOnCancer Giveaway

Just two days left in the amazing Great Game On Cancer Giveaway, where anyone who donates $50 or more will instantly win a prize valued at $50 or more. Yes, give that much and win something cool worth the same or more!

Does charity give you a better win/win – you know, other than helping to cure cancer whether you win a prize or not?

Get in on the action here: Great Game On Cancer Giveaway

And if you're thinking 'well, I don't want to donate $100 and then get a $50 prize' I'll tell you you need to stop doing those kinds of maths on CHARITY but then I'd also tell you that they're giving out a prize for every $50 donated so if you give $200 you get FOUR PRIZES.

So what kinds of prizes? Big sponsors of the event include Xbox, EA, Logitech G, Turtle Beach, Nanoleaf, Bethesda, Twelve South, Satechi, PLAION ANZ, PAX Australia, Bungie, and heaps more. Big prizes in the pool include Xbox Series X and S consoles and an Outlaw Tek PC worth $2,000.

The target is to raise $50,000 and there's over 1,000 prizes on offer worth $74,000. Do the maths. You're a winner. Remember, Christmas is a time for GIVING. And if you happen to receive while you give – bonus!

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