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14 great articles to close out the week

14 great articles from across the web that capture some of the biggest ideas in tech and digital culture from the first half of October.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
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14 great articles to close out the week
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I've been travelling a lot this past week and a half which has been quite the interrupt. But here's a big list of juicy stories that have dropped over the past two weeks.

Back to a usual routine next week!

Brain Food

The Thorny Problem of Keeping the Internet’s Time
An obscure software system synchronizes the network’s clocks. Who will keep it running?
AI music generators could be a boon for artists -- but also problematic
Stability AI is funding an effort to create a music-generating system using the same AI techniques behind Stable Diffusion.

Big News

Facebook’s Legs Video Was A Lie
A subsequent statement from Meta says ‘the segment featured animations created from motion capture’
Matter inches closer to its formal debut, as 1.0 standard launches and certification opens
The next generation of the smart home is coming to a head, as Matter 1.0 has launched its final spec today with certification for devices.
Social media firms ‘monetising misery’, says Molly Russell’s father after inquest
Coroner finds harmful online content likely to have contributed to Molly’s death ‘in a more than minimal way’
No, Bruce Willis has not sold his “digital likeness rights” to a deepfake company
A rep for Willis has denied that a “digital twin” of the actor is about to start starring in movies on his behalf
The computer errors from outer space
The Earth is subjected to a hail of subatomic particles from the Sun and beyond our solar system which could be the cause of glitches that afflict our phones and computers.
Instagram Food Is Having a Vibe Shift
The food blogger aesthetic has given way to something more realistic and DIY: Laissez-faire Instagram food is here
Glut of Fake LinkedIn Profiles Pits HR Against the Bots
A recent proliferation of phony executive profiles on LinkedIn is creating something of an identity crisis for the business networking site, and for companies that rely on it to hire and screen prospective employees. The fabricated LinkedIn identities — which…
How Bots Corrupted Advertising
Botmasters have created a Kafkaesque system where companies are paying huge sums to show their ads to bots. And everyone is fine with this.
The GIF Is on Its Deathbed
The internet’s file format has been diagnosed as “cringe,” but there are other threats to its existence.


AI Data Laundering: How Academic and Nonprofit Researchers Shield Tech Companies from Accountability -
Tech companies working with AI are outsourcing data collection and training to academic/nonprofit research groups, shielding them from potential accountability and legal liability.
Stadia died because no one trusts Google
No one trusts Google. It has exhibited such poor understanding of what people want, need and will pay for that at this point, people are wary of investing in even its more popular products.
What happened to the virtual reality gaming revolution?
VR hasn’t taken over the world, but that doesn’t mean it has failed.

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