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Moving to Substack

The next step in the evolutionary journey of the Byteside newsletter

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
3 min read
Moving to Substack
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

In the ongoing shift in what Byteside is and how it performs acts of journalism, we’re revamping the newsletter and making a move to Substack next week (starts Tuesday, 8 March).

Good news for those of you reading this: the Byteside newsletter will become more important than ever to what we do. Our primary outlet for curating the most interesting news each week. Articles, products, events, ideas. We’ll gather them here on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The newsletter archives are on the move and we love how Substack presents back issues to create a more browseable experience. It makes the newsletter feel far more valuable than just what lands in an inbox, quickly forgotten by those who didn’t see it because they were “a bit busy this week”. We’ve all been there.

Substack’s editor makes things a bit more versatile but still really tidy, so you’ll browse our news faster. We’ll work to ensure our favourite links and news picks of the week still stand out for an easy skim read.

If you haven’t heard, Byteside is now primarily a content studio creating articles and podcasts for brands and agencies. We’re getting busier by the day, so refining how we perform our acts of journalism is increasingly important. This newsletter change helps us curate more of the best things we see without needing to find time to write articles about it all.

There’s a high chance that the change of email from: address could mean you need to check those filter folders if it doesn’t appear. So if you do like seeing this, please stay on the alert.

If you’re keen to be ready and not miss a beat, you can whitelist now so you’ll be sure to have it land in your actual inbox and not some other place it could disappear to.

We’ll shift our reader database on Monday, so hitting unsubscribe here before then will also ensure you exit ahead of the move if you’re so inclined.

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