Racing photography and the Game Boy Camera are two things I did not expect to go together – until Australian car and modding enthusiast Conor Merrigan showcased the awesome fusion.

Armed with an old-school Game Boy equipped with a modded Game Boy Camera capable of mounting an SLR lens, Merrigan went trackside at a local race meet and snapped a bunch of photos.

Needless to say, the results shared on his Instagram feed are extremely cool and nostalgic.

Source: Conor Merrigan / Source: Conor Merrigan

Merrigan posted a video to his YouTube channel in December about the process of modding the Game Boy kit, so you can also have a crack at pixelated green-tint photography.

While it's a few pixels short of Canon's new beast of a camera, there's an undeniable charm to the Game Boy Camera's results.

I'm calling for it now: the next Nintendo Direct presentation needs to be filmed using Merrigan's setup.

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