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Where we're going next

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Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
3 min read
Where we're going next
(Heidi Fin / Unsplash)

Over the past month we’ve been putting some fresh plans together for the future of Byteside.

Working with a strategy partner, speaking with trusted friends in the industry, mapping out the way toward a Byteside that earns more than it costs.

You know, that old ‘sustainable business’ chestnut.

Through the previous four months I’d run things at Warp Factor 5 (I don’t have a warp speedometer, I’m just guessing) to test every angle at a tier of volume that would help show which content angles were showing signs of success versus the others.

And now we’re here. Making decisions based on data and trusted insights, not just guesses.

The good news is that writing articles on Byteside has been delivering a strong growth in traffic to the website, passing 35,000 unique monthly readers and 45,000 pageviews. It’s showing a great balance of effort to audience growth, so we want to put the biggest focus of work into continuing to win in that area.

As podcast listeners may have already heard, I’ve consolidated the network of shows into the One True Podcast, Byteside. Both our guest host chat shows with friends like Nic, Alice, and others will continue alongside the many diverse interviews across everything from enterprise tech to academic insights to game developers, all talking about what they do in conversational ways.

This Byteside newsletter is also going back to its former weekly format too.

From this baseline, I’d love to bring back a 4-days-a-week Bits podcast and newsletter, but to do that I definitely need to continue negotiations with potential sponsors and partners to get to a place where the funds support the hours required to execute on that volume of effort. Structured daily deadlines are just too much ahead of a solid revenue base.

If you know anyone keen to support such things, be sure to point them my way.

This week Byteside will also release a new media kit, with forward feature plans and pricing for branded content packages – both for content to feature on Byteside but also white label work for use wherever a company wants to use it in their owned channels.

If you’re interested in having Byteside produce that kind of work for your business (or sub-contract to help you deliver work for your clients), get in touch and I’ll make sure I send you the kit in coming days.

As ever, thanks to everyone for reading, listening, and supporting Byteside.

The official first new ‘weekly’ Byteside newsletter will return on Thursday afternoons starting this week.


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Founder and Head of Content at Byteside.

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