Finally, in videogames, the latest Xbox update is adding some very useful accessibility features to the platform with both speech-to-text and text-to-speech options for party chat so all users can participate in cursing each other out on chat like the best of them.

Seriously, though, accessibility is life so seeing the addition of these features is a great step forward for all players to be able to enjoy multiplayer the way nature intended. Being told your feeding the enemy because you don't know how to aim and why won't you just learn how to aim!


Or so I've heard...

Alongside this useful set of features, the Xbox app is getting an Instagram Stories style mode to see what your friends and your favourite games have been up to on the platform. Just what the doctor ordered. Stories everywhere, especially in the places we want to play our stories rather than scroll through them.

Two points for the accessibility features, so even with the points deduction for 'stories' it's an overall win.

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