I adore Strange Planet. If you know it, you probably do too. Quotes from its comics about weird aliens trying to grasp the norms of human emotions and lived experience are part of our daily routine here at home.

"Is this wisdom? No, it is information."

So it's wonderful news to hear that Strange Planet creator Nathan Pyle is adapting his idea for an animated series to run on Apple TV+.

Add to this news word that he's teaming up with Community creator Dan Harmon to bring this thing to life and it feels like we're in safe hands. Harmon's track record of helping someone who took an idea from a different format and then elevated it into a full fledged animated series is, of course, Rick and Morty, so the vibes flow well for a good result here.

Pyle and Harmon will executive produce, while the showrunner will be Amalia Levari, with production by the animation studio ShadowMachine that made Bojack Horseman.

My eyes feel forlorn while I wait for this to become real... I will Maintain My Grasp while I wait...

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