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Niantic and Nintendo want Aussies to help test the new Pikmin AR game

Pssst! We were the first to get Pokemon Go, and now the augmented reality Pikmin game is going to test here before the rest of the world too!

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
1 min read
Niantic and Nintendo want Aussies to help test the new Pikmin AR game

Maybe you don't need another Pokemon Go in your life. Or maybe you need EVERY NINTENDO AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON??!!

We got the heads up this morning that Niantic and Nintendo have opened sign-ups for Australians to participate in testing for the upcoming Pikmin-based AR game they have in the works. You can hit the form here to put your name on the list.

Remember, Pokemon Go launched in Australia before almost every other part of the world, which made for quite the storm of activity on those first few five years ago. This testing opportunity suggests we're being seen once again as a great test location for ironing out the gameplay before a full rollout to the world later this year.

So if you want to see what kind of Pikmin AR fever dream they've got in store, get on the list to be one of the first to check it out.


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