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Bits (podcast) and pieces

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
4 min read
Bits (podcast) and pieces

My new Bits podcast is now four weeks old. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do! I’m feeling more in touch with the daily tech news world just by making it. I hope listeners feel the same.

Eight headlines every morning of the week in under 5 minutes.

When I look at the script at the end of each day I wonder if I should also be putting it out as a daily newsletter. Let me know if you think that could be valuable if you’re not a podcast person (or if you think both would be a handy way to get it).

After my recent chat with Ruslan Kogan for the Jetpacks podcast, I asked him separately what he thinks of the media industry today. I kind of wanted to know if he thinks there’s any viability for making a go of things. His answer was that, like any startup, the trick is to keep testing and keep pivoting until you find what the audience really wants.

That’s where Byteside is right now. From starting as just a newsletter to adding podcasts to adding a team on the website, testing what works and where the opportunities lie has been a big part of it all. And the testing will continue in earnest over the next few months.

The biggest trick is getting noticed to grow. If you do like what we’re doing here, or with the Bits podcast, or on the website, please retweet stories or share the podcasts to others you think would find them valuable. Discovery is hard. Word of mouth rules the roost.

And in the light, there’s a fantastic Australian expert running courses for parents to teach them about managing tech with kids and teens. Jocelyn Brewer is a child psychologist and a teacher, and I’ve picked her brain many times on panel discussions (she was on Q&A recently too).

Check out her course. It’s 4 x 90 minute live webinars, shame-free, evidence-based and will leave you more connected with the journey of your teens in the digital world today.

She’s offering 10% off for Byteside folks too with the code BYTE10. I’m not getting any kickback for that, I think it’s really worth the time for many parents out there. That’s just a bonus if you saw it here.

I’m always happy to boost the signal on great work I see out there. Hopefully some of what I do is worthy of a signal boost too.

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