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Your guide to Genshin Impact's Windblume Festival minigames

Genshin Impact's Windblume Festival Mondstadt event comes with a slue of minigames, but don't worry, we're here to help.

Hope Corrigan
Hope Corrigan
4 min read
Your guide to Genshin Impact's Windblume Festival minigames

It wasn’t that long ago we were celebrating the beautiful city of Liyue with Genshin Impact’s lanturn rite festival, but now it’s Mondstadt’s turn.

Until April 5th, players can participate in the Windblume Festival event which is basically just a bunch of fun brand new minigames. Don't forget, those daily rewards are still happening too.

Sure there’s a few story missions here and there, but we’re really here for the minigames. As with most events participating and doing well in these games will also earn you a special currency. This can be exchanged for rewards which include your standard level up materials, but also a special bow weapon that looks very Breath of the Wild inspired.

Bullseye Balloons

This is a fairly straight forward game where you earn points for shooting down balloons. Make sure you have a bow character equipt when you start the challenge, or you’ll waste precious time changing to them.

For this game you want to focus on orange balloons as they’ll give you extra points. The orange heart balloons will also destroy other balloons around them, so try to grab these ones when they’re in a good cluster.

Avoid the red heart balloons so you don’t lose points, and try to pick up as many of the others as possible.

The first time you play this game it’ll send you to a tower in the north. I found it easiest to climb to the tippy top of the tower, rather than the ledge where it puts you, so you can get a better 360 view.

Focus on what you can hit. There’s a talley for how many you get in a row so don’t necessarily spend ages trying to get high ticket items when you could be building the talley.

Balloons start flashing when they’re about to disappear and reset, so keep an eye out for this too so you can grab the last minute points.

If you’re still struggling, try a different bow character as they all have their own little quirks which can help or hinder you. Lastly, try changing your platform. Some people find it much easier to aim with a PC and mouse, or on their phones, so switch it up to get the high score.

Floral Freefall

For this quest you’ll need to jump from a height and collect as many of the flowers and orbs as you can manage on your way down.

Don’t be afraid to put your glider away and quickly drop to get to the next lot of flowers faster. Also as you collect some flowers, sometimes new paths appear so keep your camera moving around to find the next best group of flowers.

Other than that there’s not much to this one. If you’re having trouble with stamina, try equipping Mondstadt’s gliding champion, Amber, to help.

Ballads of Breeze

This is a rhythm game set to the tunes of Mondstadt. Circles will appear and close around controls on the display, letting you know the right timing to hit them. It’s pretty basic rhythm game stuff, but I do have a few tips.

If you are good at rhythm games at all you should probably avoid the easier modes. The harder difficulties have more notes which made a lot more sense to my brain and played better with the music. If you’re like me, you’ll have a much easier time on the harder difficulties for this game.

Secondly, try this one out on mobile. It’s a bit easier because you tap the spots on the screen so your visual cues are more direct to follow.

Peculiar Wonderland

Lastly, we have the Peculiar Wonderland. These are challenges that take place in the separate domain areas. These are especially fun because you can do them with friends, or even match with randoms.

There are heaps of different minigames you may encounter in these domains. One has you racing down a track dodging bubbles, others you have to dodge pulsing attacks while collecting flowers, or try to stay in safe areas on trembling grounds.

The scores you get in these minigames will determine how many buffs you receive to fight the boss at the end, which is set so it’s not an unfair surprise.

None are particularly difficult, and all are about getting a high score rather than losing. Even if you are getting lower scores the buffs are helpful, rather than necessary. It’s quite forgiving and surprisingly fun.

Unlike Theatre Mechanicus from the Liyue event, Peculiar Wonderland isn’t as easy to cheese. You don’t know which games you’re going to get, but even so they’re a bit stricter mechanically.

We tried to use Venti to glide over a hidden path game, for example, and though we made it to the otherside because we didn’t trigger the path along the way it didn’t count.

So a bit less cheese this time, but still plenty of fun. Hopefully I’ll have better luck in these games than I did blowing $300 worth of wishes!

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