New Aussie tech pod alert: Queens of the Drone Age

Johnston, Jones, Yeo and Yeo have a new Aussie tech podcast that looks like a fresh and smart addition to the scene. Go get it!

New Aussie tech pod alert: Queens of the Drone Age

Yes, yes, yes. Everyone has a podcast, etc, etc... we have loads ourselves. But now and then new shows appear that suggest we're getting something a little more exciting than most.

And that's why I'm giving Queens of the Drone Age a shout.

  1. We love a good punny name.
  2. The line up of Aussie tech journo brains is stellar.
  3. You'll probably learn something AND enjoy yourself at the same time.

Rae Johnston, Tegan Jones, Angharad Yeo and Amanda Yeo are one of those gangs of industry besties that I've seen around the place a lot over the years. They love tech, they have great chemistry and they have access to all the coolest new toys that hit the market every year.

I don't doubt this is a show worth a sub to catch their thoughts each week.

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