Razer credit card with LED lights is so very Razer and I don't know what to think

Pre-paid credit cards are great when you use them well. And this has LED lights that make it extra cool. But also has gamification. Hmmm...

Razer credit card with LED lights is so very Razer and I don't know what to think

So now you can get a visa card with a bright shining Razer LED logo on it.



Cool? Probably? Maybe? Why? Yeah, nah, yeah?

Ok so I’ve had a think, and I think we’ve landed in the cool zone. Welcome to the cool zone Razer LED Visa Cards, let me explain why I’ve invited you in.

These new cards on offer from the gaming brand are the kind you load up with your own money. So it’s not like Razer is trying to get in on the loan shark business, here. Instead they’re offering an alternative prepaid card option, and it has a few small perks.

It’s still just in Beta, for 1,337 users in Singapore (we c what u did thar) but the program is offering 1% cashback on select purchases or 5% if you use your fancy new card on the RazerStore. Some of these have been boosted to 10% cashback during the beta.

So why do I think this gets into the cool zone? I mean it’s got an LED in it. But seriously, these preloaded cards actually make a lot of sense. It’s the kind of thing you can buy for the kid gamer in your life and be pretty sure they’ll use it rather than lose it. Or if you’re a big Razer fan anyway it might make a lot of sense to get the perks involved.

Razer has also added gamification to the card. We don’t know exactly what this means but during the Beta test users can complete certain tasks in an effort to earn Razer products and card upgrades.

This part actually scares me a little. I’m not sure if encouraging people to spend money is necessarily a good thing, especially in a potentially addicted and gamey way, especially if you were thinking of giving this card to someone looking to control their spending carefully.

Hopefully it’s more sensible than what I'm picturing or I’ll kick them straight out of the zone. You know the one. The cool zone.

And for anyone not wanting to have a sweet LED intertwined snake logo on their payment card they regularly pull out in front of other people, you can get a standard matt black offering or use the virtual card on your phone. But then I’d have to kick you out of the cool zone too.

Sorry. Rules are rules and cools are cools.