As if forcing you to log into Facebook wasn't bad enough, now the house that Zuckerberg built is auto-banning users who have the audacity to… log into their new Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets?

We spotted this via ExtremeTech, where it is reported that some users attempting to link their Facebook accounts to the Oculus Quest 2 unit find that it inexplicably results in an irreversible ban. Which means affected users cannot use their new fancy VR kit, at all.

Predictably, people are taking to social media, pointing out the absurdity of the situation.

In a statement to Gizmodo Australia, Facebook claimed "only a very small number" of users were impacted by the login fiasco and that anyone having issues should contact Oculus Support.

The insistence of forcing you to use Facebook to access the Oculus Quest 2 is such a shame considering its widely considered such a good piece of tech. Jacob Ridley from PC Gamer labels it "the best entry-level VR headset right now", while Destructoid's Chris Carter says the Quest 2 "is looking more and more like the future of VR, now".

To summarise: Oculus is owned by Facebook, and Facebook is owned by Facebook. Combine the two? Permanent ban. Yes, I can definitely see the logic here.

I suppose it makes some sort of bizarre sense coming from one of the most invasive, greedy, and morally-corrupt companies on the planet. Good job, Facebook, stellar work.

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