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Please, Avalon Hill, be making a HeroQuest Legacy?

There's a countdown to a new HeroQuest game so now we're in love with how good a HeroQuest Legacy game would be.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
2 min read
Please, Avalon Hill, be making a HeroQuest Legacy?

It was only about a week ago I tweeted that I'd really been regretting giving away my copy of HeroQuest many moons ago.

As if by some sheer force of my own will, just a few days later Avalon Hill began a countdown for a HeroQuest announcement.

GG for reading my mind there, folks. I'm in before I even know what it is.

For those who missed it the first time around, the classic 1989 boardgame was a glorious RPG lite that made one player a GM of sorts while others ran a team of four heroes through the adventure-filled dungeon.

I could try to explain why it's great but someone already nailed it back in 2016 and it can't be said any better than this.

But if HeroQuest is so perfect, why deliver a tension building countdown to its re-release? Because you'd be a fool to think it would be just some re-release in this day and age.

Digging around for any other recent news on HeroQuest led to this story from July that Restoration Games filed a trademark on HeroQuest Legacies that same month. Restoration Games is a boardgame studio that's been bringing classic games back to life over recent years. And one of the key members of the company is Rob Daviau, co-designer of Pandemic Legacy and Risk Legacy.

All that is to say... HOW GOOD WOULD HEROQUEST BE AS A LEGACY GAME CONCEPT??? In the true spirit of an RPG, the heroes could level up, the board could be changed by the events of past adventures, and abilities and items could be discovered or even lost. Bring on a fantasy Legacy RPG lite!!

But even if this is all sheer coincidence, whatever HeroQuest we get (and the key art looks like our old friend the Witch Lord from the single expansion that was released for the original) I'll be dropping my gold pieces ready to buy it, back it or otherwise get this onto my game shelf.

In Sydney, Australia, this means all will be revealed at 02:00 on Wednesday, 23 September. I'm excited, but I'm not getting up for that one. But it'll be nice to know there will be new HeroQuest news to read first thing Wednesday morning.


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