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Cut yourself some slack

It's chaos all the way down. Give yourself a break. It's OK to take a breathe right now.

Seamus Byrne
Seamus Byrne
3 min read
Cut yourself some slack

It’s chaos all the way down this week.

I’ve been inundated with article and interview requests all about remote work, work from home, and shifting everything to digital instantly. So the newsletter column is a fail this week.

But here’s my one suggestion. We all cut ourselves some slack.

This is hard. I feel tense all the time. I’ll do all the work while it’s here because in two weeks there might be none. But when things feel too much, just let yourself stop. It really is a lot right now.

I’m worrying constantly about being a good parent while the kids are learning how to learn all over again. How to be more self-reliant. How to be at home but not on holidays. I’m working long hours to get things done and ignoring them while they’re here feels awful.

But I have to keep reminding myself: this is not normal, it’s OK if it’s a bit crazy, it’s OK if it isn’t perfect. We’ll keep tweaking it as we go.

If this was just an economic collapse, maybe I’d be more worried. But the lesson right now is that our health is everything. That’s the priority. All else can be rebuilt and recovered. Life can be simplified.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to be stuck at home. So much to watch, play, and enjoy in our living rooms and studies. Good times await behind every screen.

Do not forget to breathe. Just stay safe and prepare for what you want to do with yourself when we all get to shed the cocoon and emerge fresh and ready for what’s next.

Good Luck. Stay Safe. Stay Home.

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