Is it time already? It's the sign of a healthy period for the game when a new expansion sneaks up on us rather than us desperately wishing for new cards to shake up a stale meta.

Instead, Saviors of Uldum arrives like an exciting surprise! Yay!

And carrying on the Year of the Dragon storyline, after the villains steal Dalaran we see the League of Explorers return to save the day.

Massive kudos to the wonderfully dry-as-a-dead-stick delivery from Hadidjah Chamberlin. An almost British quality deadpan!

So far we've seen three big new aspects of the expansion:

  • Reborn: restores a minion to life with 1 health after it dies
  • Plague: a massive board wide spell effect of some kind
  • Quests: new quests that change your hero power when completed

The new set will keep rolling out lots of new cards and info over coming weeks, as is the usual routine.

Plus the set will launch on/around August 7, 2019.

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