Don't mess with Boots. I mean, why does a monkey wear those boots anyway? He's got some attitude. And those boots are made for walking. All over you...

Clearly I'm getting carried away, but there's one very important part of seeing Danny Trejo cast as the irrepressible Boots the Monkey in a cute movie full of irrepressible young adventurers.

Don't let the kids go find other movies the guy who plays Boots features in. It might not end well.

OK, Spy Kids. That one is cool for kids. Thank Robert Rodriguez for opening the door to cool action stars doing kid-friendly movies. Hmmm... I wonder if Spy Kids had never existed would Trejo have made the journey to this Dora movie?

Anyway, here's how we learned Trejo was joining the cast:

Let's remember that we've already heard Benicio Del Toro is Swiper in this movie too. The evil Swiper. Swiper versus Boots, anyone?

The Dora movie – Dora and the Lost City of Gold – lands in US theatres in August. Odds are it'll probably get delayed until the following school holidays here in Australia.

The trailer has also popped! Check it out:

Spotted via /Film.

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