Bond fans, LEGO has a dazzlingly slick new kit for you. The new 1964 Aston Martin DB5 isn't just any LEGO replica.

This is a true James Bond production, a set that oozes the style, sophistication and, above all, the spy details you've been waiting for.

Part of the Creator range, that means it is all about solid replica detailing, so as car models go it's well detailed, including a nicely detailed engine and interior.

But it's the Bond detailing that really makes this kit special.

We're talking concealable radar tracker in the centre console. We're talking about a phone built into the door. And, yes, we're talking machine guns, rotating number plates, and a WORKING ejector seat!

While this isn't a big kit in the actual finished size - coming in at 3 inches (10cm) high, 13 inches (34cm) long and 4 inches (12cm) wide - this has enough intricacy that there's a whopping 1,295 pieces in total.

The kit is available August 1, 2018, and is priced at US$149.95. A steal for serious Bond fans!

Check out the great video intro from the set designer who shows just how much love has gone into bringing this kit to life.

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