Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake. If you know both those names, you should get that it's such a good fit. And some things are just too perfect to live.

But here we are. A completely unofficial Uncharted 'fan film' made with real Hollywood talent in front of and behind the camera.

Watch it below and hope it will not be taken down too quickly by Sony for showing such love for its intellectual property.

It's slick, it's fun, and it's got cool people delivering 14 minutes and 48 seconds worth of performances that we'd be perfectly happy seeing fleshed out into a longer form.

Of course... what makes for a great short flick doesn't always translate. But this is good and we'll take what we can get for now.

And when we talk of 'fan films', that's quite the disservice to Canadian director Allan Ungar, who has two action feature films (Tapped Out, Gridlocked) to his credit already. But we're very happy to see experts throw their talents at some passion projects for the web to enjoy.

In revealing the project, Fillion dropped this message on his Instagram:

A lot of love and no small expense has clearly gone into this project, so let's hope it stays available for fans to enjoy!

At very least, this could tide us over until the official film being directed by Shawn Levy and starring a way-too-young-for-Drake Tom Holland and probably-a-good-fit-for-Sully Brian Cranston eventually gets made.

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